A Flowering Honor..

Honor 10 Global Product Launch 15th May

‘Honoured’ to provide flowers for an Honor 10 product being launched Globally at Old Billingsgate Market, May 15th 2018.

With only one day to find a suitable selection of very specific coloured flowers, we recreated our client brief of blue, purple and white flowers.

The image below shows a digital mock up of exactly what florals our prestigious clients wanted to recreate.

The selection of flowers using these specific colours I found whilst walking around all of my suppliers at New Covent Garden Flower Market, were as follows:

Beautiful white sweet peas, blue hydrangea, rice flower, white lizianthus, white peonies, deep purple lizianthus, purple stocks, lilac sweet peas.

The style was to be chic and compact to replicate the sleek brands appearance.

I think you’ll agree the flowers are extreamly vivid in colour and look amazing amongst the set.  The scent of the stocks and sweet peas was just heavenly.

A Flowering Honor..